Thursday, August 5, 2010

So many links

Have I shared about Lifehacker?  I bet I have.  It is my most favoritist site of sites.  It links me to my deep dorky underbelly.  Which is what I am really made of.  Cogs and wheels and duct tape and cardboard.  When I was a kid I used to make these elaborate cardboard and tape creations.  Dwellings. Homes within my home.  Escape pods.  It is my granddad's fault.  He built my first out of a wardrobe box.  It had drawn on furniture.  Then, in Texas, I received my first pocket knife from the Johnson Space Center gift shop.  It had the NASA emblem on it.  I wore that thing out.  It just had one small blade, but it could cut cardboard!  Magic stuff.  My best dwelling was actually a loft apartment.  I encased my upper bunk, installed a dinner delivery door and it was AIR CONDITIONED!  There was a tube I made of opened up garbage bags that connected the air contitioning vent to an vent at the top of my penthouse apartment.  I was cool.  And I spent hours in there reading.  Oh for those daze of summer bliss again.

But I was talking about Lifehacker.   Go there.  Put a link on your Google dashboard so you can see the latest stuff every day.  Go. NOW!

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