Monday, March 29, 2010

Once there was a blog

So I have another blog that I'm kind of sick of ( )  because it is all around me coming out of being sick, which I am not any more. So I want to shut up about it and talk about things not so depressing. My heart is healthy, I lost it all, 10 years of hell is over, nuff said.

I'm planning a rogue trip/ road trip to my childhood homes. And by that I mean where I went to high schools. I went to 4 different high schools and spent the longest time in Downieville. But Pacifica is also my home town in a way, though not so small and endearing.  I did not completly fall off the deep end until I reached D'ville.  Then I fled. Anyhoo, off I go, April 8th. Leaving work and bomb driving as far as I can get in a night. Seeing as how I am a night owl that may be quite a ways. I'll be 43 on the 13th. It is one of those non benchmark arbitrary numbers that means only something huge to me. Most of the women in my family did not make it that far, cept my mom and her aunt, but for thier siblings and many generations prior, everyone was dead by the age I will soon be. Amazing because I feel 20 these daze. Ok actually 17, because I was huge and prego at 20.

More later...