Thursday, August 5, 2010

So many links

Have I shared about Lifehacker?  I bet I have.  It is my most favoritist site of sites.  It links me to my deep dorky underbelly.  Which is what I am really made of.  Cogs and wheels and duct tape and cardboard.  When I was a kid I used to make these elaborate cardboard and tape creations.  Dwellings. Homes within my home.  Escape pods.  It is my granddad's fault.  He built my first out of a wardrobe box.  It had drawn on furniture.  Then, in Texas, I received my first pocket knife from the Johnson Space Center gift shop.  It had the NASA emblem on it.  I wore that thing out.  It just had one small blade, but it could cut cardboard!  Magic stuff.  My best dwelling was actually a loft apartment.  I encased my upper bunk, installed a dinner delivery door and it was AIR CONDITIONED!  There was a tube I made of opened up garbage bags that connected the air contitioning vent to an vent at the top of my penthouse apartment.  I was cool.  And I spent hours in there reading.  Oh for those daze of summer bliss again.

But I was talking about Lifehacker.   Go there.  Put a link on your Google dashboard so you can see the latest stuff every day.  Go. NOW!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Que Pasa?

Have you ever wanted to learn a language from a fluent local?  me too.  Check this NY Times article out about the growing trend of reciprocal foreign language learning:

This link was found via Lifehacker.  I love this site ( and have a running feed in my Google dashboard to see the latest stuff.  I went on vacation last week and I'm sure I missed a bunch of cool things.  But they have an archive so you can always see what you missed. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

How old would you be if you did not know how old you are?

I used to feel like I was over 50, depressed, going nowhere, drawn and given up.  I've been in that state a couple times in my life and I have to say, that is not at all where I am now.  Today is a good day. All the days lately are good days and every day I am making some kind of kick butt progress, either physically or emotionally or spiritually.  Thank you Jesus.  I think I would be 17 or 18 if I did not know my age.  But a sober version.  With all that wisdom I have.  So, really, 43 is the new 18 for me.  I feel better actually than I have ever felt in my life, and I am getting healthier every day.  A rule of thumb is that we need half the food we eat and twice the excercise we currently get.  Good fats only, limited saturated fats, lots of veggies, no white foods, unless it is limited potates with the skins and limited butter.  Lean meats (95% lean or better) fish, chicken breast, and did I say veggies?  Oh and littel to zero sugar, and only after protein or solid whole grains.  Keep the glycemic index low overall and try and keep a meal to less than 30 carbs at a time.  If you overload your blood sugar the pancreas dumps a bunch of insulin into the bloodstream to deal with it, then the blood gets all sticky and those floating cholesterol plaque things lodge onto the wall of the arteries.  All arteries end in the heart and there is no flow out, so that is why the plaque sticks there.  My cardiac rehab nurse said. :EVERYONE has plaque deposits in their heart, it is just a matter of how big is it and is it growing or shriking?  You can reverse potential damage at every single meal and with every step.

Not meaning to get on my heart health soapbox, agan, but I am passionate about people I care about living long and vibrant lives.  We have work to do, lets live to do it!

Cheers, Jen

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gone Rogue

I have returned from the great trek south.  I have returned altered forever.  What a treat to see so many people I love  In my world I have more difficultt making new friends than anything and to already trust people you spend time with is such a relaxing thing.  My trip was a bit of a schedule whirlwind, with lots of kismit built in, but the trip did not get truly relaxing and real until I reached Sierra City at the end of my trek.  Amazing and home in every way.  I am plotting more trips there.  Just so I can stare at the mountain. Or not.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Once there was a blog

So I have another blog that I'm kind of sick of ( )  because it is all around me coming out of being sick, which I am not any more. So I want to shut up about it and talk about things not so depressing. My heart is healthy, I lost it all, 10 years of hell is over, nuff said.

I'm planning a rogue trip/ road trip to my childhood homes. And by that I mean where I went to high schools. I went to 4 different high schools and spent the longest time in Downieville. But Pacifica is also my home town in a way, though not so small and endearing.  I did not completly fall off the deep end until I reached D'ville.  Then I fled. Anyhoo, off I go, April 8th. Leaving work and bomb driving as far as I can get in a night. Seeing as how I am a night owl that may be quite a ways. I'll be 43 on the 13th. It is one of those non benchmark arbitrary numbers that means only something huge to me. Most of the women in my family did not make it that far, cept my mom and her aunt, but for thier siblings and many generations prior, everyone was dead by the age I will soon be. Amazing because I feel 20 these daze. Ok actually 17, because I was huge and prego at 20.

More later...